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Safari CSS Precedence

I stumbled onto an odd problem yesterday. I decided to test this site using Safari. I don't use my Mac very often, but I like to write my code so that it's as cross-browser as possible. In Safari there were several graphical issues that I couldn't abide. So I set down and adjusted my style sheets and HTML until the site looked good in Safari too. I tested the site in Safari using my local development machine (i.e. I uploaded my changes to the production server. However, my style sheet changes did not take effect on the remote server. After a lot of cache clearing, DNS flushing, and code checking I was stumped. I began to suspect that there was a MIME type issue on the remote server. After more investigating with no luck I was about to give up. Then I noticed that I had two tags with a media attributes of "screen". I removed one and immediately the site worked in Safari. I still don't know why it only affected Safari. It also doesn't explain why it worked when browsing my local development machine.

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