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SQL Server 2008 Active Connections

Went digging around for ways to view the active connections in Microsoft SQL 2008. To my surprise Microsoft moved the Activity Monitor. Apparently they did this way back in SQL 2005. I skipped 2005 so I missed that. To view the open connection:

  1. Open Management Studio.
  2. On the standard toolbar is a little graph icon. That is the Activity Monitor (CTRL + ALT + A).
  3. Click on Processes

Simple as that!

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I was in the same position today, having skipped over SQL Server 2005, so I missed the memo where they revamped this. Thank you for this gem... it really was as simple as that!
# Posted By Mary | 6/18/12 6:27 PM
I have tried to find this for many years. Thank you for sharing this!

# Posted By wendy yan | 10/19/15 2:06 PM