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My Dev Environment.

Over the last few years my development environment has evolved and changed as newer and better tools were released. I've had my current setup running for a few months now and I'm really pleased with how it's working.


FusionDebug 2.0 initial impressions.

I just downloaded and installed FusionDebug 2.0 this evening. I haven't really gotten a chance to review it completely. My initial impression is that it's a much enhanced and mature program. I've been using version 1.0 for about 4 months and I think it's a great tool, but sometimes a bit error prone. I was happy to put up with the bugs and quirks, because it was so handy. I'm pleased to say a lot of those problems are now fixed.

The initial install was pretty painless. I downloaded the plugin only. They are now offering a complete install package (Eclipse, CFEclipse, and FusionDebug). I'm anxious to hear if this solves some of the initial setup woes that plagued me in the beginning. Additionally they've included a Server Configuration Wizard. No more editing JVM config files by hand! This made setting up my server for debugging a snap. The entire process took about 10 minutes! I'll continue posting my impressions as I use it.

In the meantime, I recommend all Coldfusion developers download the free trial. It WILL change the way you work.

R.I.P. Homesite

With the release of CFEclipse 1.3 and a stable release of RDS support in Eclipse. I can now remove Homesite completely. To be fair it is a great IDE and has proved it's worth time and again. However, Macromedia no longer supports or develops Homesite and it's starting to show its age. I'm quite pleased with the recent release of CFEclipse and I highly recommend you check it out. You can download Eclipse RDS extensions by clicking here.