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IIS 7/8 and Coldfusion 10

While deploying my first Coldfusion 10 server on Windows 2008 R2 SP1, I ran into this strange behavior.

My IIS Default website had no issues processing CFM files after the install. However other IIS sites would not process any CFM pages. The message I received from IIS was the standard 404.

Accessing the URL on the server I found that the requested URL was: http://{my site}/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll

Just to see if it would work I mapped a virtual directory named "jakarta" to

CFUSION INSTALL\config\wsconfig\{instance id}

Magically my site began processing CFM files.

Sami Hoda's entry pointed me in the right direction of running the WSConfig utility on each instance.

The WSconfig more completely configures the site, but still seems like a pain to have to do this on every new site.

Change Coldfusion Temporary Files Location Used by GetTempDirectory()

I wanted to change the default location Coldfusion uses for temporary storage when using:

<cffile action="upload">

This meant changing the default location returned by GetTempDirectory()

EDIT %CFusion%\runtime\servers\coldfusion\SERVER-INF\jrun.xml Comment this line:

<attribute name="temporaryDirectory">{jrun.server.rootdir}/SERVER-INF/temp</attribute>

Add this key:

<attribute name="temporaryDirectory">{YourFullTempFolderPath}</attribute>

So that you have this:

<!-- <attribute name="temporaryDirectory">{jrun.server.rootdir}/SERVER-INF/temp</attribute> -->
<attribute name="temporaryDirectory">C:\ExampleCustomTempPath</attribute>

RESTART the Coldfusion Application service

NOTE: Coldfusion will create a subfolder in the temporary directory named wwwroot-tmp

Stopped Again.

This is starting to become more and more frequent:

I'm coding along, making excellent progress on a project only to be stopped dead in my tracks by yet another Coldfusion limitation.

I love Coldfusion, but all the stripped down and half-assed features are starting to get in my way.


Quick CF Builder Beta 2 Note.

I installed the standalone Beta 1, downloaded Beta 2 today and it noticed the standalone install was disabled. I uninstalled the previous version and the reinstall picked up my workspace. My guess is because it was in the default location (Vista x64 Ultimate):

C:\Users\%USER%\Adobe ColdFusion Builder workspace

FCKEditor in Coldfusion

I began using FCKEditor long before it was included with Coldfusion. I've continued to use my own implemenation even after the release of Coldfusion 8.

There was a vulnerability found in the included FCKEditor:

I applied the patch to my server and it also broke my own FCKEditor instance. I received "403 Access Denied" errors when using the FCKEditor file browser. After much time and effort the solution is pretty simple:

Add this to your JVM args in jvm.config: -Dcoldfusion.fckupload=true

***CAREFUL about copying and pasting the text above. Hidden carriage returns will cause CF to fail on startup.***

Even if you are not using the Coldfusion FCKEditor you still need to enable FCKEditor uploads. The updated JAR must have a built-in request filter for "filemanager".

Coldfusion 8 and 9 on Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, and Windows 7 (x86 and x64)

I wrote a blog entry over a year ago discussing how to install Coldfusion on Windows 2008.

With the imminent release of Windows 7 and several user comments I decided to update the instructions for myself and anyone else who finds it useful.

I've installed Coldfusion 8 and 9 on most versions of Windows. I used the default setup options.

To make the Coldfusion install as painless as possible you need to take a few pre-installation steps.


Coldfusion 8 on Windows Server 2008


I had some experience installing Coldfusion 8 on a Windows Server 2008 box last week. I captured some screenshots so I could do this brief tutorial.

First, Microsoft has locked down everything in Server 2008. Thankfully they've been a bit smarter about it this time. Rather than installing everything by default and prompting you to "cancel or allow" it they have introduced server roles. This means that if I want to setup a webserver I need only install the pieces of software for hosting webpages.


Coldfusion Marketing.

Adobe really needs to do a better job of marketing Coldfusion to new developers. A friend of mine is an aspiring developer and getting his feet wet with .NET. He's always so impressed when I show him how easy it is to write Coldfusion. Today I was showing him a Coldfusion project I'm currently working on and he asked me why more people don't know about Coldfusion. I couldn't really answer him. Why isn't Adobe doing more to promote Coldfusion amongst new developers? I've come across so many people who are not the greatest programmers, but Coldfusion turns them into productive team members. Coldfusion is by far the most productive language I've ever used. Adobe should really promote the accessibility of Coldfusion.

Returning a uniqueidentifier from MS SQL Server in Coldfusion.

I ran into a problem trying to return the newly created identity from a table. The identity column was a uniqueidentifier type.

Table structure:


I needed to retrieve the new UniqueID value after an INSERT statement.

The default value for UniqueID is set to newid().


SeeFusion Impressions.

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't had much to blog about.

Over the weekend I got my hands on SeeFusion for the first time. It was fairly easy to setup (Using the provided Windows MSI installer). It provides alot of great information about your Coldfusion instance. Long running SQL queries and page requests. Java thread inspection and KILL commands. The Enterprise edition allows long requests and queries to be logged for later analysis. All this great information is presented in a pretty Flex based interface.

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