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Internet Explorer 8 Impressions.

I've been using IE8 since it's official release. Microsoft recently started pushing it as a recommended update.

For me the most compelling reason to upgrade is the new interactive Javascript debugger, included in the Developer Toolbar. Anyone who is doing web development understands just how difficult it can be to debug javascript code. A debugger makes it so much easier.

Think Firebug for Internet Explorer.

IE8 includes the Developer Toolbar by default, which can be activated by pressing F12.

The new tools inlude the usual DOM and CSS explorers as well as the new debugger.

The debugger interface is pretty straighforward and should be easily accessible to anyone who has used an interactive debugger.


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Just realized that IE8 debugger also allows conditional breakpoints. Very cool!
# Posted By Jason Holden | 5/8/09 5:48 PM