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Leadership Tulsa

I was accepted to Leadership Tulsa Class 42 in June.

It's a great program designed to develop community leaders. They are attempting to groom/prepare people for volunteering and operating programs that help or enrich the Tulsa community. Last month was "Government Day" where we heard from Tulsa's (then) mayoral candidates and learned the role local, state, and federal goverment plays in community development. This month was "Education Day" we toured several community schools in the Tulsa area and learned about the challenges facing the Tulsa area education system.

Tulsa has some really great educational institutions. I always assumed that the Oklahoma public education system was broken. These schools are really taking steps to ensure that kids actually learn. The state of education is leaps and bounds above what it was five years ago.

There are so many inovative programs that I wish had been available to me when I was in grade school.


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