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A different world everytime.

As a developer I'm always trying to find ways to encapsulate functionality. For years I've tried to encapsulate UI code so that I could "quickly and easily" build user interfaces. However, I'm starting to understand that this type of thinking can get me into trouble.

Don't misunderstand me, there are some great UI libraries like sebForm/sebField.

These libraries are great for creating full blown web applications in which you want a consistent look and feel across 100's if not thousands of pages.

However, these libraries just don't provide the type of layout flexibility that is needed for your standard every day website. Each website I create has it's own look and feel and creating a standard UI library for this type of development would be impossible.

So I find myself sort of "recreating the wheel" on each project and I think that's ok.

On each new site I implement the UI consistently across the site, but little bit different from the last site I created.

Since I'm so lazy I really try to reuse code when and where I can, but I think there is a minimum amount of uniqueness to each project that requires me to make a new wheel.

A little Blogosphere rant.

Is it just me or does everyone with a blog feel the need to report the exact same news?

For instance today I must have seen over 30 blog posts about the Sun/MySQL aquisition. (I'm sure that's a conservative number.)

After running this blog for almost a year I fully understand how hard it is to come up with blog topics. So I can see how these authors are compelled to pounce on ANY news just so they can have a blog post for the day.

Let me take this time to say that I'm as guilty as anyone. I've used news stories to help fill out my blog a bit. I vow NEVER to do that again.

Some of these stories deserve the attention they receive, especially if the author has an opinion or unique insight. However, I don't need to see 30 blog posts that have been cut and paste from CNN or some other news source. I already have RSS subscriptions for that.

Leave the news to the reporters that get paid to report it and start providing some original content.

I'm all for recycling, just not when it comes to the news.

Ahhhh....another year down.

My little blog has been neglected lately. With the busy holiday season and a recent period of illness I haven't had much time to think about a good topic. Honestly, I still don't have one, but I thought it was time to get back to updating this thing.

Rounded corners.

A neat little utility for generating rounded corner images:

Where did all my insulin go?

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. I've been grappling with the news that I'm now a Type II diabetic. My doctor tells me that I will be able to control it with oral medication, diet, and exercise. Type II diebetes plagues my family and I always expected that I would develop the disease. I must admit this is a bit sooner than I expected. I've already changed how I eat and my doctor is happy with my progress in such a short period of time. This is definitely going to change how I live, but I feel lucky to have caught the problem at this early stage.

Five Terabytes of Terror!

There are reports coming from Iraq that claim coalition forces have confiscated more than five terabytes of data related to terror organization. The data includes photo's, passport information, bomb making instructions, and various other intelligence.

I think it would be interesting to see a more in depth exploration of terror groups IT.

Free and low cost icons.

This site has several free icon sets and low cost, quality, icon sets.

Grunt Food

My diet as a single male coder:

  • Diet Mt. Dew - A 12 pack a day.
  • Hot Pockets - I really like the broccoli and cheese.
  • Kraft String Cheese - I by it by the case.
  • Almost any kind of cereal - My favorite snack.
  • Aunt Jemima Pancake Breakfast - I could eat one of these EVERY morning.
  • Teddy Grahams - The 3 pack (Honey, Chocolate, and Cinnamon)
  • The occasional business lunch.

What a horrible diet!

Since I had so much fun with my South Park character.

Here is my Simpson's character.

Simpson Character

Go build your own.

South Park Me!

South Park Me

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