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Coldfusion RDS 404 error on OSX

When running Coldfusion on OSX with RDS enabled you may receive a 404 error when trying to connect your IDE (CF Builder, Homesite, etc.)

After reviewing permissions and configuration I found that the issue was Apache checking for the existence of the page prior to attempting to run it. The RDS IDE functions/page does not exist because it simply a URL pattern defined in the web.xml file.

An easy fix was to setup a dummy folder/file:


The IDE.CFM page can be blank, Apache just needs to verify the file exists prior to handing it to the Java server for processing.

Why I hate OSX.

My hard drive crashed on Wednesday so I've been without my Dell laptop for a couple of days now. I have a Mac mini that I use to test my webpages in Safari so I've been using it (sparingly) while I wait on my new hard drive to arrive.

Normally my interaction with OSX is limited to starting Safari , testing my page, and closing Safari. I'll admit that my experience with OSX is quite limited. For this reason I've never been that critical of the software. However, my recent catastrophe has led me to really dislike using it.