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Scarce Flex Information.

I'm really surprised at the lack of information for good data access strategies in Flex.

I have a Flex application that will use Coldfusion as the back end, but I'd like it to easily adapt to a web service that could be written in PHP, Java, ASP, etc. I can't find any good resources that demonstrate a best practices for this kind of flexibility. There's a lot of talent out there so I know someone has already tackled this problem.

Is this finally the year for Web 2.0?

Is this finally the year that my clients rise up all at once and demand that their applications have Web 2.0 features? There's been a lot of hype surrounding Web 2.0...richer GUI's, happier clients, etc. However, it wasn't until recently that I actually had a client give me a request to implement a rich GUI. I'm going to build it using Flex 2.0, which I'm told makes building Web 2.0 applications very easy. I just find it interesting that I've just had a client request something like this. I usually just use the same old libraries and my clients have always been quite pleased with that. Looks like I'm going to have to start building some new ones.