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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Emails Invalid Report Links

Typically it's unnecessary to adjust the default SSRS email report settings, but sometimes it's unavoidable. For instance, in our case we needed to expose the SSRS web portal on a specific URL.

We're using the latest version of SSRS: SQL Server SSRS 2016

I found several references and guides on how to change this via the SSRS configuration file:

{MSSQL DIR}\MSRS13.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer


Copy Table Schema with SQL Server Management Studio

Quick way to copy the table schema using SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Right-Click table to copy
  2. Script table as
  3. CREATE To
  4. New Query Editor Window
  5. Find & Replace all instances of the table you are copying with the table you wish to create

NOTE: Pay attention to any Primary Key and Foreign Key indexes listed in the SQL script. They may require updating as well.

SQL Server 2008 Active Connections

Went digging around for ways to view the active connections in Microsoft SQL 2008. To my surprise Microsoft moved the Activity Monitor. Apparently they did this way back in SQL 2005. I skipped 2005 so I missed that. To view the open connection:

  1. Open Management Studio.
  2. On the standard toolbar is a little graph icon. That is the Activity Monitor (CTRL + ALT + A).
  3. Click on Processes

Simple as that!