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Subversion MMC

Subversion can be hard to setup and manage. Luckily the good people at Visual SVN provide an MMC like interface for Windows. Visual SVN Server is a free download. It provides quick Windows based install program to get Subversion and Apache up and running. Also included is an MMC like interface which will be familiar to Windows admins. Some additional features include

  • Support for SSL connections
  • Active Directory authentication and authorization with groups support
Oh! And did I mention it's FREE!

Flex Builder problems with Subclipse and Subversion.

I've been working on a Flex project for a few months now. I just recently decided to add it to my source control system. (I know...I should have done that when I started the project.)

For source control I use Subversion. I've been very happy with it. This is the first Flex project I've worked on, hence it's the first time I've setup a Flex project in Subversion.

I setup my Subversion project just as I've done with other projects. I added all my source code to the project (Except for a few Flex Builder and Eclipse configuration files.)

Everything seemed to work, except for my /www directory. I like to keep my website code inside a subfolder of the Flex Application that will use the sites services. My directory structure looks like this

[Flex Builder Project]

  • controllers
  • model
  • www

My Flex Builder project is set to output to the /www folder. That directory includes the server side services/code that the Flex application uses. Basically Flex is compiling to the root of my local website instance.

I noticed that my www folder could not be added to source control. Each time I would get this dialog box:

I didn't explicitely add any resource in that directory to the ignore list. I even cleared the ignore list and it gave me the same dialog. After clicking yes it appeared to be added to the Subversion project. However, Subclipse still showed the directory as ignorned.

After pulling all my hair out I stumbled across the solution:

I added a /bin directory to my /www directory (/www/bin). Now I have Flex Builder building into that directory and I successfully added the /www folder to the Subversion project.

I'm still not sure what causes the problem. I tried renaming the output folder. Moving it. Nothing worked. I couldn't get it added to the Subversion project. It's probably not a good idea to do that anyway since those files are updated constantly.

Additionally I did not put the following files/folders into the Subversion project

  • .actionScriptProperties
  • .flexProperties
  • .project
  • .settings
  • html-template