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Five Terabytes of Terror!

There are reports coming from Iraq that claim coalition forces have confiscated more than five terabytes of data related to terror organization. The data includes photo's, passport information, bomb making instructions, and various other intelligence.

I think it would be interesting to see a more in depth exploration of terror groups IT.

New Blog!

Anyone watching The Office knows there's a new blog on the net:

Ok, it's actually a Word document on Creed's computer!

The hits keep coming.

The new Mac vs. PC ad is too funny and sadly very true. Check out the "Choose a Vista" ad:

Soprano's off to a good start.

The season premier of The Soprano's aired tonight. It was really good. Very tense at times and surprising.

Soprano's Starts Tonight!

The final nine episodes of the Sopranos will begin airing tonight at 8AM CST. I hope it's as exciting as the previews.