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I'm officially a Digsby fan:

This little piece of FREE software is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a single piece of software that I could use to manage all my social networking, IMs, etc.

Digsby fills that role and more.

Chatting with your Facebook friend is as easy as chatting with a GMail contact. All in one interface.

Additionally, Digsby provides a chat widget (right side of this website) that allows visitors to chat with you in real-time right from your own website! I've been wanting this for a long time and was contemplating writing something myself.

Now I can have my cake and eat it too!

Loading/Waiting images.

Since I've been creating Web 2.0 interfaces I always need some kind of graphic to indicate that I'm waiting on a response. Usually I just use Google Image search, but today I found this cool site:

Will make customizable graphics for your Web 2.0 applications.

Eclipse CSS Editor

Started searching around for a good CSS editor plugin for Eclipse. I've used Aptana in the past, but was very disappointed. Mostly due to Aptana's intrusive takeover of my Eclipse IDE. I wanted something simple that provided some code highlighting.

Enter Project Amateras. An Eclipse based HTML editor. Has all the usual charactaristics of a good code editor:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript code assist
  • Code highlighting
  • Code folding

Very nice and FREE plugin.

Neat USER-AGENT parser.

I was trying to decipher a user agent setting and stumbled across this handy website:

Give it a browsers USER-AGENT string and it will parse it and give you some helpful information.

Web Development Helper

It's so hard to debug my pages in IE. While this isn't Firebug it does make debugging AJAX requests in IE so much easier.

Rounded corners.

A neat little utility for generating rounded corner images:

SeeFusion Impressions.

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't had much to blog about.

Over the weekend I got my hands on SeeFusion for the first time. It was fairly easy to setup (Using the provided Windows MSI installer). It provides alot of great information about your Coldfusion instance. Long running SQL queries and page requests. Java thread inspection and KILL commands. The Enterprise edition allows long requests and queries to be logged for later analysis. All this great information is presented in a pretty Flex based interface.

HTML Encoder.

Found this neat little tool while writing my last blog post:

I always need to HTML encode certain text whenever I'm writing a blog entry.

Word inside Eclipse.

If you have Word installed and you attempt to open a Word document from within Eclipse it will open the document inside the Eclipse IDE using object linking and embedding (OLE). I searched the web for a way to force Eclipse to open the editor outside of the IDE. I ended up fixing the problem myself. It was pretty easy, but I thought I would put it here in case someone else is looking for the solution.

Inside the Eclipse IDE:

  1. Goto Window > Preferences
  2. General > Editors > File Associations
  3. Click 'Add' to add a new file type
  4. Type *.doc into the File Type field provided
  5. With the *.doc file type selected, click the 'Add' button next to the Associated Editor box
  6. Ensure that the External Programs radio button is selected
  7. If Microsoft Word is not listed by default, you may need to use the browse button to located the Word.exe file

NOTE: You will need to repeat the steps for .docx files if you are using Word 2007.

That's it! Pretty easy. I love Eclipse!

Eclipse UML Editing.

Here's a cool little Eclipse based UML editor:

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