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Windows 10 Update 1703 BSOD

After the most recent Windows 10 update (1703); my very solid and stable workstation started getting blue screens.

Being a windows user for more than twenty years I've come to expect the occasional BSOD. Things fail. It just happens.

So while the first BSOD was troubling; I was not immediately alarmed.

After the third BSOD I knew something was wrong.

Running WhoCrashed revealed the root cause to be:


A bit of searching revealed that to be WiFi related.

I fixed my problem by downloading the latest reference drivers from my WiFi networking card manufacturer.

ColdFusion Will Not Start After Changing Service Account

While creating a new ColdFusion server I attempted to change the Windows Service account to a domain service account. I've done this on almost every ColdFusion server I've ever setup because they typically need access to network resources and it makes it easy to manage the application rights.

This time however I was unable to do so. I received a generic error from the service manager:

The Coldfusion Service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs

The ColdFusion server logs were not very helpful. They showed the server starting and stopping (just as the service manager error stated).


IIS 7.5 500 Error When Serving Static Files

Ran across an interesting problem. While setting up a new Windows 2008 R2 erver and website on IIS; I noticed that the site was generating 500 errors when serving static files (images, css, html, etc.)

I turned on Failed Request Tracing and noticed that I was getting this logged

This configuration section cannot be used at this path. This happens when the section is locked at a parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideModeDefault="Deny"), or set explicitly by a location tag with overrideMode="Deny" or the legacy allowOverride="false".

Based simply on previous experience I went to the IIS Feature Delegation and reviewed the delegation for the various IIS modules.

I found that by setting Handler Mappings to Read/Write the error was resolved.

I'm still not sure why this causes a problem since I'm not defining any custom handlers at the site level.

Perhaps this setting must be read/write even when custom handlers are set at the server level?

My Windows 8 Impressions

I upgraded from Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 8 Enterprise. My upgrade was very smooth. Probably the easiest Windows upgrade I've done. The new OS seems as solid as Windows 7. I thought the new Modern UI (aka Metro) would present a problem in my day to day use of the OS and applications. Surprisingly this is not true. While I'm not terribly impressed with the UI it's fairly easy to ignore. It essentially replaces the Start Menu with a full screen UI. The Desktop view is still available and works as it has in previous versions of Windows.

In fact, the only real complaint I have about Windows 8 is that it's going to be a tough sell to the casual user. The replacement of the Start Menu could be just enough to scare them and it doesn't appear to enhance anything about the Windows experience. In my short time with Windows 8 I've already spent 99% of my time outside of the Modern UI and it's Apps.

Windows 8 is a good OS, but probably not worth the upgrade for the casual computer user.

HOW-TO: Generate Large Files

Simple Windows command-line to generate files for testing:

fsutil file createnew <filename> <length in bytes>

Transfer Contacts from LG VX9200M to iPhone 4

Accidently wiped contacts on wife's new iPhone 4 (previous phone was an LG V9200M)

NOTE: Using the same steps below should work on any phone that is supported by BitPim

  1. Download / Install BitPim (
  2. Plugin LG phone via USB cable
  3. Choose "Data" on USB device settings (shows on phone screen)
  4. Open BitPim
  5. Select Find Phone (phone with magnifying glass in main BitPim toolbar)
  6. Enter a title for the phone profile when prompted
  7. Select Get Phone Data from main toolbar
  8. Check PhoneBook (Wallpaper selection also retrieves images stored internally and any SD cards)
  9. After Get Phone Data complete, you can verify the phone book entries by selecting the PhoneBook node
  10. Click File > Export > vCards (vCard v2.1 is ok)
  11. After exporting the contacts to VCF you may close BitPim
  12. Open Windows Contacts (Windows 7) (%USERPROFILE%\Contacts)
  13. Select Import > vCard > vCard (VCF file)
  14. Select the BitPim exported VCF file created earlier
  15. Windows Contacts will require you to OK each entry
  16. Plugin the iPhone, should automatically start iTunes
  17. Goto the Info tab from the device info screen
  18. Check Sync Contacts with:
  19. In the selection box select Windows Conctacts
  20. Sync the iPhone