Transfer Contacts from LG VX9200M to iPhone 4

Accidently wiped contacts on wife’s new iPhone 4 (previous phone was an LG V9200M)

NOTE: Using the same steps below should work on any phone that is supported by BitPim

  1. Download / Install BitPim (
  2. Plugin LG phone via USB cable
  3. Choose “Data” on USB device settings (shows on phone screen)
  4. Open BitPim
  5. Select Find Phone (phone with magnifying glass in main BitPim toolbar)
  6. Enter a title for the phone profile when prompted
  7. Select Get Phone Data from main toolbar
  8. Check PhoneBook (Wallpaper selection also retrieves images stored internally and any SD cards)
  9. After Get Phone Data complete, you can verify the phone book entries by selecting the PhoneBook node
  10. Click File > Export > vCards (vCard v2.1 is ok)
  11. After exporting the contacts to VCF you may close BitPim
  12. Open Windows Contacts (Windows 7) (%USERPROFILE%\Contacts)
  13. Select Import > vCard > vCard (VCF file)
  14. Select the BitPim exported VCF file created earlier
  15. Windows Contacts will require you to OK each entry
  16. Plugin the iPhone, should automatically start iTunes
  17. Goto the Info tab from the device info screen
  18. Check Sync Contacts with:
  19. In the selection box select Windows Conctacts
  20. Sync the iPhone

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