Jason Holden

Work History

Senior Programmer/Analyst/DBA
July 2004 - Present
  • Support websites, email, and other hosted services
  • Manage hosting servers for .NET, ColdFusion, Java, MS/MYSQL, PHP, etc.
  • Inhouse and customer website development
  • Custom solutions in various languages (ex. .NET, Go, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.)
  • Help customers migrate to and from competitor hosted services
  • Customer desktop and server support
  • Developer support
    • Improve processes using continuous integration and other best practices
    • Debug and optimize code using various languages, frameworks, and platforms (ex. Spring MVC, Go, AngularJS, PHP, etc.)
  • User Compliance Processor and Reporting
    • C# and
    • Multithreaded
    • MongoDB
    • Embedded JavaScript engine for business rules
      • Allows reuse of internal skills for business rule development
      • No recompile required when business rules change
  • BIRT Report Server
    • Java EE
    • JAX-RS for RESTful API
    • Allow upload and dynamic execution of BIRT reports
    • Use RESTful API to implement standard reporting across wide range of clients
  • Project Management Software
    • Java EE
    • SpringMVC
    • Amazon S3 integration
    • HTML based signature capture
    • PDF contract generation with signatures
  • Java/ColdFusion integration
    • Custom Java classes for use within ColdFusion applications
  • MDAEMON Queue Monitor
    • Scheduled PowerShell script
    • Email when queue threshold exceeded
  • Multi-protocol TCP/IP Monitor
    • Node.JS
    • Apache CouchDB
    • Round-trip email monitor
    • SMTP receiver
    • HTTP/HTTPS monitoring
    • Simple PING monitoring
  • Single Sign-On Integration (SSO)
    • Allow client/partner to provide SSO integration
    • Multiple protocol implementation allow broad client support
      • SAML
      • LDAP
      • Token Authorization
    • Capitalized on additional client/partner opportunities
  • Custom/Hosted Autodiscover Server
    • Node.JS
    • Custom IP/port listeners
    • POX (XML) responses
    • Dynamic responses based on type of client (POP3, EXCH, etc)
    • Runs as Windows Service using ports 80 and 443
  • Web based Microsoft SQL Backup Manager
    • ASP.NET
    • End-user performs database backups on-demand
  • Mobile Interface for Time Clock / Custom Ticket / Service System
    • Cross-platform (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)
    • JavaScript / inline search
    • Clock/In Out
    • Status Selection
    • Service Order Editor
    • Customer lookup
  • Proximity Zip Code Locator
    • SQL 2008 Geography Functions/Data
    • Output using Google Maps
  • ColdFusion based LMS (Learning Management System)
    • SCORM 2004 compliant
    • Flexible architecture allows easy implementation of other/custom APIs
    • Upload, verify, deploy packages
    • Store SCO data in persistent database
    • jQuery based plugin for client/server interaction
    • Amazon CloudFront for content delivery
  • Time clock application for use by company employees
    • Payroll Reporting
    • Touch Screen and Mobile Interfaces
    • Notices to employees when not clocked in/out at scheduled time
    • Sick\vacation time calculations and scheduling
    • Status Selection
    • On-Call Scheduler and notifications
    • Graphical/statistical reports
  • Simplified content management system (CMS) for client websites
    • Customized per client needs
  • ColdFusion based email "heartbeat" to continually monitor SMTP/POP3 servers
    • Send email notice when server is down
    • Configurable polling parameters
  • Browser based "File Explorer"
    • Java based multiple file upload widget
    • Based on Yahoo UI
    • Download multiple files as ZIP
    • Send file package links via email
  • Setup website development lifecycle process
    • Subversion source control
    • Testing/publishing procedures
  • Offline data synchronization process for client with remote agents
  • Flash based training application for online training facility
    • Configurable by client
    • Quizzing and data collection
  • Integrated MapPoint with client site for GPS plotting
  • Music download site
    • Secure sheet music publishing
    • Secured MP3 downloads
    • Robust catalog management
    • Custom report generation
    • Custom e-commerce shopping cart
August 2000 - July 2004
  • Gather client requirements to develop sales and verification scripts for call center representatives.
  • Help existing clients to streamline and refine business processes.
  • Support multiple servers (MS SQL 2000, MS Exchange 2000, and IIS).
  • Custom solutions for client integration in various languages (ASP, .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, etc.)
  • Maintain company web site and client portal.
  • Custom Message Queueing service layer and API for assured data delivery.
  • Backend process to allow clients to transmit data to in-house servers via HTTP and FTP. This streamlined the agent interaction process.
  • Process to allow scripts to be dynamically shown to call center representatives based on number used by the client to call our systems.
  • Web interfaces to allow clients to view various daily call reports in Excel and PDF format.
  • Searchable web based interface for client recording review and download.


  • MCITP: Database Administrator
  • MCTS: Microsoft SQL Server

Skills and Technologies

  • .NET C# and VB
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Apache CouchDB
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • ASP Classic
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • ColdFusion
  • DevOps
  • Full-stack Development
  • Git
  • Go
  • Hosting, service, and call center oriented IT
  • Java EE
  • JavaScript
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft SQL Server CERTIFIED: MCTS and MCITP
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • MongoDB
  • Multithreaded Programming
  • MySQL
  • Node.JS
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Subversion (Install/Administration/Support)
  • Systems Integration
  • Telephony (3CX®/ACD/Automated Attendant/IVR)
  • VBScript
  • Visual Foxpro

about me

An information technology professional with twenty three years experience in systems administration, computer programming, requirements gathering, customer service, and technical support.