My Windows 8 Impressions

August 20, 2012

I upgraded from Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 8 Enterprise. My upgrade was very smooth. Probably the easiest Windows upgrade I’ve done. The new OS seems as solid as Windows 7. I thought the new Modern UI (aka Metro) would present a problem in my day to day use of the OS and applications. Surprisingly this is not true. While I’m not terribly impressed with the UI it’s fairly easy to ignore. It essentially replaces the Start Menu with a full screen UI. The Desktop view is still available and works as it has in previous versions of Windows.

In fact, the only real complaint I have about Windows 8 is that it’s going to be a tough sell to the casual user. The replacement of the Start Menu could be just enough to scare them and it doesn’t appear to enhance anything about the Windows experience. In my short time with Windows 8 I’ve already spent 99% of my time outside of the Modern UI and it’s Apps.

Windows 8 is a good OS, but probably not worth the upgrade for the casual computer user.


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